Misadventures in Therapy 6

First day seeing Therapist from Hell

What medication are you on?


You’re pretty overweight for someone who’s on Adderall.



Misadventures in Therapy 5

Second to last Social Skills session

We’re going to be having a party

I don’t like this seminar

I make up an excuse not to go

They said they would cry if I didn’t go

“Well, YOU’RE making ME cry…”

Misadventures in Therapy 4

Therapist from Hell compares me with her other autistic clients

Says I am farther behind than them

I am not independent

She recommends me a social skills seminar

800 US dollars

Make eye contact because you need to

That’s creepy stop staring at me

Mirror people’s actions

Look like a sociopath

Watch romantic movies to learn how relationships work

What’s the difference between fantasy and reality?

Misadventures in Therapy 3

I see the Therapist from Hell with my mother

We went there together hoping to resolve a conflict

I had a meltdown at the supermarket

Maybe she could help us resolve it

The Therapist said I shouldn’t have yelled at her

I try explaining what happened

That doesn’t matter

I shouldn’t have done it

How do I avoid a meltdown?

I never found out.

Misadventures in Therapy 2

Time for district counseling services again

I was still stressed because of Hell Therapist

At this time I have a strange accent that implies I’m not okay

They ask what’s with the accent and I say I’m stressed

They think I’m funny

I’m not trying to be funny

Misadventures in Therapy 1

Go to a district counseling services to find resources for independent living

There’s a sign on the wall to call a number if you don’t want to be gay

I ask them if they know that it’s there

They ask me “what if they don’t want to be gay?”

I realize the people I’m working with aren’t very bright

Of Apricots and Almonds – Trouble in China

One of the things I like to do with my spare time is visit international markets. Thankfully I live in an area where Asian markets are plentiful with a handful of Russian markets on the side.

The last time I was in Chinatown, I found a product called Love of the Office Lady. It’s essentially a cookie roll with different coatings depending on the variety. I got one that was chocolate and “apricot”. This is where the trouble begins.
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